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WeDo: Trade Finance
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Don’t let a little thing like not having the money stop you doing business. WeDo Trade Finance can pay your suppliers up front – so you can fulfil customer orders, get better deals, boost profits and grow your business.

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Running a business is tough – your ambition is always bigger than your cashflow and when opportunity knocks, you can’t always afford to open the door. But we can help. We understand the challenges you face and have the money and support your businesses needs to flourish and grow. Who wants to help? WeDo.

What We Do

The good news is you’ve got orders in the pipeline. The bad news is that your supplier wants paying up front and cash is a little tight. But the really good news is that you’re here and we want to help. We’ll pay your supplier on your behalf, so you can fulfil your orders, negotiate better prices and take full advantage of every opportunity.

Show us your orders and we could pay up to 100% of your supplier costs – including shipping, duty and VAT. So you can forget your cashflow headaches, keep suppliers and customers happy, and make a tidy profit – plus you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that our legal and finance experts have already check everything out on your behalf.

Our management team has over 60 years’ experience of helping SMEs to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers with Trade Finance and other asset-based options – and structuring flexible finance packages built around you. We do Trade Finance but we also do so much more. Think of us as your business partner with really deep pockets, who’s got your back and really wants to see you succeed.

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I have worked in Finance for almost 35 years now and I have worked with most international banking institutions and I can say that I have never come across such a quality and highly professional team than I have in the team that you have built at WeDo Trade Finance.

Brian Welsh
Fourth Wall Creative

I really appreciate all Vince and Chris’s help in having a smooth transaction of our first deal with WeDo Trade Finance. I thank you again for the understanding both Vince and Chris have shown for this very challenging deal.
Ethics and honesty are paramount for us. That is one of main reasons we have long standing relationships with our Customers and Suppliers. I look forward to working with you on more transactions in future.

Kaushal Sareen
Brightways Concepts Limited

When I refer a client directly to a lender, it’s vitally important for me to know that their experience of dealing with the lender is a positive one.
I’m incredibly fortunate to know Vince Tovey because I know that his rare combination of professionalism, likeability and industry-related knowledge will always impress my client.
He specialises in finding routes to finance where others may fail, and I have two recent clients who are gratefully benefitting from this expertise.

WeDo are a fantastic team with an excellent service.

Alun Rogers
Water Bear

First time importers approached me to help them fund a NHS Contract. I turned to WeDo Trade Finance to see if they could help.

Vince and the team have been immaculate from the outset and have guided both myself and the Prospect along the route to enable the fulfilment of this Contract. WeDo Trade Finance are heartily recommended by me.

Jason Butler
Well & Spire Ltd

Our experiences working with Vince and his team have always been very positive and these transactions were no different.

The set up process was very straight forward and we were able to repay the funding line well within the realistic time frame set by WeDo.

The best review I can give WeDo Trade Finance is that we will definitely be using their trade facilities again to assist our growth in 2021.

Stuart Ogg
Sales and Marketing Director – Coz-e living® and CRAGGI®

Amplify was introduced to Vince at WeDo Trade Finance by an old colleague who knew they had a great risk appetite and common sense approach to getting deals done. He was right! Vince and the team dealt with the enquiry quickly and efficiently.

The client was very enthused after the site visit, which is high praise indeed.

We look forward to working with Vince and team in the future!

Russell Green
Amplified Growth

We approached Vince recently to discuss one of our clients funding requirements. It was never a straight forward scenario due to a number of factors. The age of the business, the sector and size of contracts were always going to be tricky to accommodate, but knowing that WeDo were always willing to look beyond the black and white, and would take the time to get to know the business and individuals behind it, we knew there was a possibility that they could help. After a thorough review and some creativity on the structure of the two facilities, they were able to offer a Trade and IF line that would allow our client to deliver on the larger contracts that they would have otherwise had to turn down. We were extremely happy as the introducing partner, and needless to say our client is delighted that they have been able to say yes to the larger orders, and in doing so, lift their business on to the another level, with a strong programme of works secured for the next 2 years.

G Jones
Ascendis Funding Solutions

Chris and Vince from WeDo have been a god send to my business, we were stuck in a position of increasing sales with cashflow never catching up. WeDo provide a fast and efficient solution, paying suppliers incredibly quick and also sending ourselves money back just as quick through invoice finance. Without their help we would not have seen the growth we have achieved over the last 12 months, I would highly recommend them!

Gary Woodward
GW Projects LTD

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