Mitigating Business Risks with Trade Finance

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Businesses are facing many difficulties with trading overseas at the moment, whether it be delays in ports or the strength of the pound against the currency you are working with. With all of these difficulties affecting various traders, here at WeDo we want to share with you a few key areas to focus your attention to avoid unnecessary risks.

Being prepared is the best way to combat or factor in delays, added costs or ending up with goods that aren’t what you bargained for. Any business looking to buy goods from overseas must go in with their eyes wide open, be aware of the risks they will need to control and mitigate, to ensure they do not end up with a problem.

How can Trade Finance help?

Utilising a Trade Finance Facility will likely go some way towards this as the lender will look to implement certain conditions against which they will provide the funding – this is actually more about protecting the business importing the goods than it is the lender.

Mitigating product risks when importing goods into the UK:

Mitigating the risks when products are in transit:

Mitigating the risks of currency and exchange rates:

Mitigating risks with payment methods

Here at WeDo Trade Finance, we have many years of experience that have allowed us to build up a network of contacts who may be able to help you manage the above risks.

Indeed, we also ensure that our facilities are structured in such a way that they will help to protect you as much as possible, whilst remaining in line with the terms your Supplier is prepared to work with.