Krishan Patel

Operations Support Manager

WeDo Trade Finance are pleased to advise that we are expanding and have recruited a new and valuable member to the team.

It’s been quite a year. The business is going from strength to strength, and we have built some wonderful new relationships which we continue to develop and nurture.

Please allow us to introduce our newest member of the team Krishan Patel. With his knowledge and experience already gained in the industry, we know that he will support our clients in line with both their expectations and our values as a business.

How did you find out about WeDo and what made you join?

I was approached by a recruiter, I was happy in my previous role, but a new challenge is an exciting concept. In my previous role I had awareness of WeDo Finance via inter-factor transfers, interactions with WeDo between myself and my client mangers were always a positive experience. If I had to outline the strongest factor for wanting to join WeDo Trade Finance, it would be the opportunity to work closely alongside experienced professionals such as Vince and Chris.  They are passionate about what they do, and they enjoy explaining the rationale behind their decision making, I’m finding this opportunity invaluable.

What is your background?

I graduated from Edge Hill University in 2018 and immediately looked to kickstart a career in finance, I landed a role in Bank of New York Mellon working within the BlackRock Global Funds reconciliations team. This role was a brilliant learning experience, however, most of the juicy issues were forwarded to client services to resolve, this is where my next role within Close Brothers Invoice Finance (CBIF) as a Client Executive felt like the next natural step in my career. I learnt a great deal there and I am grateful for the experience, but I became ready for a new adventure. I had the opportunity to join WeDo Trade Finance with the aim to diversify my skillset and take on more responsibility in a fast-paced client facing operations setting.  

What is a typical day in your role?

I’m still in training so at the moment my day starts with reconciling the previous day’s activity and posting cash allocations. The rest varies from processing new trade transactions, managing the day-to-day activity of the invoice finance and trade finance facilities, processing payments, resolving client queries, assisting with the client take-on process, tracking outstanding funds and updating our own internal trackers to name a few.

What future do you see at WeDo?

As the Trade Finance portfolio grows, I’d like to take greater responsibility in risk management and a greater role in direct management/decision making, all in good time. As Mark Lindsay says, ‘we’re not in a rush to get there, we want to enjoy the journey’. I see a growing portfolio of satisfied clients with rational and fair risk managers, an environment where I can really grow with the company and have an impact.

What do you do outside of work?

Lockdown allowed me to pursue a few hobbies I’ve always wanted to indulge but never had the time, recently I’ve started to learn the electric guitar and cycling offroad. I enjoy training in the gym, PC gaming, camping, learning about the stock market/trading and can I put eating as a hobby?

How would you describe WeDo?

Being hired pre-emptively for an increase in workload for operations is a shockingly refreshing approach to managing a business, that forward thinking attitude is reflected throughout.  Employee focused small/medium sized business full of knowledge where I can be myself.  

Give us a buzz: 0330 900 5007


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