Is Trade Finance right for you?

WeDo Trade Finance is great for seasonal businesses or those whose growth is outpacing their cashflow – but we can also help SMEs who’ve seen their existing credit terms suddenly change or disappear altogether.

How does it work?

We’re on your side with more than just money – and will always ensure you’re making a great deal before we help. Our business, finance and legal experts will check everything is in order and make sure it all stacks up.

  • We’ll scrutinise the contracts and paperwork
  • What are the goods and what are they used for?
  • Who are your suppliers and what are their payment terms?
  • Who’ll be handling the goods (shipping agents, freight forwarders, warehouse and logistics)?
  • Who are you selling to and on what terms?

Based on this information we’ll make a quick decision and structure a suitable facility to pay your suppliers on your behalf. This will also help us to understand the trade cycle involved and tells us how long you’ll need funding for.

Finally, we will discuss the repayment method and ensure the Trade Finance transactions can be repaid as quickly as you’re able to fulfil your orders – keeping your funding costs for each transaction to a minimum.

To find out more about how Trade Finance can help your business – or to discuss alternative funding options from WeDo:, please get in touch.

Give us a buzz: 0330 900 5007